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"Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty – a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture, without appeal to any part of our weaker nature, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music, yet sublimely pure, and capable of a stern perfection such as only the greatest art can show." ---Bertrand Russell (1907) Rob Gluck

"I have come to believe, though very reluctantly, that it [mathematics] consists of tautologies. I fear that, to a mind of sufficient intellectual power, the whole of mathematics would appear trivial, as trivial as the statement that a four-legged animal is an animal." ---Bertrand Russell (1957)

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Wrap-up

A small mix of some of what I didn't cover over at Math-Frolic this week:

  What's in a name, when it comes to a mathematical conjecture?... Michael Harris thinks out loud a bit:

2)  As easy as ABC... a problem from Presh Talwalkar:

...and here, an oddball problem from 7puzzleblog:

3)  Very deep article centered around Ramsey theory from Natalie Wolchover over at Quanta, that ultimately touches on these questions:
To what extent is mathematics actually talking about anything real? [Is it] talking about some abstract world that’s far from the real world around us? Or does mathematics ultimately have its roots in reality?”:

This is a 'sl-o-o-ow' and abstract read that requires a lot of focus and thought (there's also a comment in the comments section from "Peter" that I think helps clarify several points.)

4)  Christian Lawson-Perfect offered up his own personal list of "interesting esoterica" links (related to math) this week (this could keep you occupied for awhile):

5)  Ben Orlin sends me rolling on the floor again (and the carpet burns are getting serious):

6)  This from Mathematician-Musician-Modular Arithmetic Maven Evelyn Lamb:

...and some more advanced "math" (largest proof ever!) from Dr. Lamb here (h/t Egan Chernoff):
7)  I took a quick look at John Stillwell's new book "Elements of Mathematics" a couple days ago:

8)  Of course you can always count on finding beaucoup math each week at Mike's Math Page:

Finally, I ought not let the week pass without noting that Raymond Smullyan celebrated his 97th birthday on Wednesday... and that's the truth.

Potpourri BONUS! (extra NON-mathematical links of interest):

1)  DNA and forensics... not infallible:


2)  And from the Dept. of Weird Traffic News (the ingenuity of humans trying to solve a problem never ceases to amaze):


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